Syeda Raji 

The name Calibr came to me from the word calibrate. "Calibr(ated) Creative" aims to capture the idea of creatively adjusting to solve the problem or manage the situation at hand. It purposefully hints at (though does not limit to) problems of a scientific nature because my interests in science and medicine have combined over the last decade with my interests in fine art and communication to meet in the middle at healthcare and pharmaceutical industry design.

I worked as a full time designer for three years before deciding to change careers and return to school as a non-traditional premedical student. It has been quite the journey - it is definitely much more humbling than I had imagined, and I would not trade the experience for the world.

While taking classes over the past year, I launched Calibr Creative as a design studio where I take on freelance projects on which I can utilize the knowledge and skills gained during my experience as a designer in an unprecedented role within the medical affairs group at a biotech in Cambridge, MA. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn for details! (link at bottom of page)

During the years on the global medical team, working with and learning from a diverse and talented group of people, I developed methods to consistently and effectively meet client design needs, putting to use my background in both visual and written communication, design, and basic science. Using these same methodologies, Calibr Creative stands to deliver high quality client work, which integrates left and right brain thinking, at a reasonable cost.

Currently I'm located in Somerville, MA and am available for local face to face meetings if necessary.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your next project! There is a button to email me below, but if you're into the copy and paste thing, I'm at I'm excited to hear from you :)

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